Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can you feel the love?

The following announcement is copied and pasted from the Central Avenue Church of Christ's bulletin. Does this just make you want to give the who ever came up with this a hug? I would love to write a rather sarcastic opinion about the lack of love, compassion and pity that this announcement shows for those that need it a whole lot more the " legitimate members." I will instead let these images express my opinion of this "policy."

One of the most important services the ladies at Central
do is to give showers for brides-ta-be and mothers-to-be.
There are seven different shower groups, each composed
of 15-20 ladies, and these groups take turns giving
showers. Janet Brown oversees these groups, sets up the
times and dates of the showers, and coordinates details
with the honoree, the church office, and the shower group
leader. The elders have set up some guidelines for her to
follow in determining who is given a Central shower:
Bridal Showers
Bridal showers will be given for any Central member or
fiancee of a Central member, if it is the first marriage for
the Central member. Bridal showers will also be given for
the first marriages of the children of Central members, if
that child spent part of his or her childhood attending
Bridal showers will not be given for expectant mothers.
Bridal showers will not be given for the grandchildren of
Central members, unless that grandchild ls a Central
member, or has attended Central regularly with his or her
Baby Showers
Baby showers will be given for the first baby of a Central
member, or the first baby born after the parent(s) becomes
a member at Central. Baby showers will not be
given for unmarried mothers-ta-be, nor for Central members'
children who are not members at Central themselves,
even if they grew up at Central.


One Krazy Momma said...

Thank goodness we have Jesus! I love you Ryan!

ma said...

Well, that takes the cake. LOVE YOU!! Ryan I hope you can change some of that. It would be a wonderful thing to see that completely turned around.

The Lee Family 4 said...

I get the bulletin from Central, and I was wondering if I was the only one who was shocked by the "baby shower" announcement. I wonder who wrote that? Anywho...Mom and Dad are excited about the house y'all are buying. If we still lived there we would have been right down the street from you guys. I really like that neighborhood and the park. That is where we had Griffin's 1st B-day. Best wishes for your new home. Amanda and family