Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks a BIG ONE!

To all the numb nuts who desperately still cling to the idea that the Government is in control of gas prices and "Supply and Demand" is just a theory or even a myth... "Thanks a Big one!

It's a combination of fear, desire, distrust and protectionism, experts say.

"When you have a perceived scarcity of any product, research shows the attractiveness of that product goes up," said Dr. Rao Unnava, marketing professor at Ohio State University.

Grocery and department stores are keenly aware of the phenomenon, Unnava said, which is why sale flyers often declare things like, "limit three items per customer" or "price valid only through Friday."

Research shows that such advertisements can actually double or triple sales of a product, Unnava said.

"People don't feel comfortable with scarcity,"

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Summer said...

People are idiots!