Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Advice

                                                                    Jim Cramer

I try not to let news from Congress raise my awareness level any higher than slightly above sleep and grogginess so you can imagine how my mouth dropped when I heard the "news" today. Congress wants to examine the BCS system. Yes, the same congress that has made a few shall I say questionable "business" decisions in the past few months has decided that they should move away from saving failing companies and fix a business that is actually making money. If any member of Congress utters another word about football or any sport for that matter other that on their "tea" or "potty" break they should be fired. You just made one of the stupidest investments in the history of the country(GM) and now you think you need to "fix" something else. NO THANK YOU!  If I had just convinced a group to make a huge investment in a company only a few weeks before that same company went bankrupt, I think I would keep the advice at a minimum for a while. Congress needs to follow the example of another big mouth who gave some bad investment advice( see picture) an apologize.

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