Saturday, August 2, 2008

Would you care for some cheese with that whine?

As most of you learned from Sara's blog we took kids to open house on Thursday night .The boys had a great time meeting their new teachers. My job for the evening was entertain the Girl child. Everything was going very smoothly for about ten minutes or so when Sydney decided that open house was for the birds and it was time for dinner. So I started to walk the halls with a not so quiet little girl and Sara continued the house opening. Finally it was almost time to go and all that was left to do was sign up for the bus. So Sara nominated Sydney and I to wait in line and she would take Bryce to meet his other teacher. Sydney and I arrived at the back of the line and she immediately began to scream at the top of her lungs. For a few minutes I was very embarrassed and concerned for the sake of the other parents. Thankfully a delightful young lady came and got behind us in the line. She took one look at the line and let out a beautifully worded string of obscenities to let every one around her know that she was displeased with the length of the line. Meanwhile Sydney is giving the screaming and squirming all she had when our new friend behind us announced to the room, " I can't stand in this #@*&!# line and listen to this child scream. My embarrassment instantly melted away and was replaced by a much different feeling. I must admit that I may have even pinched Sydney a few times to help the pitch of her squeals get just a little bit higher. Finally we met back up with Sara and I escorted the kids out to the van while Sara waited in line. Ah, the joys of annoying the day lights out of impatient people. I am not a big fan of whining and I have very little patience for my children when they whine. However it has become crystal clear to me that children do not whine nearly as much as adults.

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