Thursday, November 6, 2008

What an opportunity!!!

Another four years have past and the the beauty of democracy has taken its course. I was listening to a conversation at work today that concluded with the statement, " Barack Obama is not my President." I had to laugh out loud. What a complete 180 we have had. It seems like yesterday that we on the so called "right" were dismissing those who made the same exact comments about President Bush as Idiots. We are all Americans and should unite to support our President. Should we agree with his every decision, no. Is he going to make some bad choices, probably. But seriously " he is not my President" Sorry he is my president whether I voted for him or not and I hope that we don't act as simplistic as those that sounded so foolish after Bush "stole" the election from Gore. What an opportunity to act like Americans!


Ryan said...

Not many takers on this one?

One Krazy Momma said...

I keep telling the kids this. :) There have been a lot of heated discusions on the bus about our new president.