Thursday, January 29, 2009


Recently Sara has taken up the hobby of sewing. She has only been at it since Christmas and she has already made seventy three garments. Thats right seventy three in a little over a month, so you do the math. I guess word got out of her speed and she was offered jobs by Nike,The Gap and Kathy Lee Gifford all in the same week. She must have developed this speed when she visited a great sewing factory we found on the south side...These are some of the hard workers we saw. Wow, were they fast! They had very little time for advise though. Their sewing style reminded me of Sara's, minus the intensity and occasional profanity. After we left the factory I decided to make a garment rack for Sara's creations so I dropped by to see my good friend Consuelo. He found this great pole at a construction site. I think it will do the trick. This is Consuelo with the pole, I am not sure if will be long enough.


Summer said...

Hilarous! You make me laugh!!! 73, holy crap! She needs to start selling these cute dresses!

Rosemary said...

Is this a productive hobby or what? She is having fun and expelling her idea of not being a creative person. Watch out for needles, and go along for the ride.

Luke said...

yeah with as many kids as yall have just get a little assembly line going. I know the two older ones have to go to school but crack the whip on sidney and parker!!