Monday, August 4, 2008

What is your major?

This seems to be the question that must be asked to assist someone in finding possible employment. What is it that you do? What would you like to do? I would love to say that I admire the people that have a "dream" job or profession or know what they want to do, but a lack of understanding is closer. I lack about twelve classes to receive my all powerful "degree" that will allow me to apply for jobs other that assembly line worker and retail associate of you fill in the blank.The question that is too easily answered is " how will I be different?" I will have a nice piece of paper rolled up in an oversize toilet paper roll that I can put next to my wife's matching roll. In a way I feel that a degree will only limit me. It will be my major and that is what I will do. Yeah! It is not that I dislike my major or that I would prefer another. I just find it very binding. But I digress a job is all I need for now. Something to pay the bills or most of them at least. Something that has normal hours, does not require me to sell my soul and something that does not kill what brain cells I have left to pursue "my major."


ma said...

I think applying for a job is one of the hardest things in the world. Everytime I think of the first time I went out job hunting, I want to throw-up. I hated it. I hope you will find the right job. One you can enjoy. A job in which you will be able to use those God given talents you have. I know there is one just for you. I'm praying for you all. LOVE YOU ma

The Beach House said...

You are such a great artist! How about drawing the pictures for Charis and Josh's idea for kids books. You need to use your talents. A job does not have to be permanent. T

One Krazy Momma said...

You can come work with Tony:) Offer still stands. LOL

I know what you are talking about though. That is my biggest fear to one day re enter the work place.